Software Development

Software development is the analysis, design and building of your web site or application.
Once we are agreed on the design, we start to build your site, and keep you involved throughout the process from start to finish. Janusoft employs agile principles and methodologies that underpin our development methods.
We are agile in the sense that we can accomodate changes to the design and devlopment as the site evolves, i.e. you are not stuck with the initial design until the end, but can adapt to changes.As much as the customer and the designers would like to come up with the perfect design, there are things that change over time, new ideas that are bourne, and our understanding of what is required becomes clearer. This needs to be captured and incorporated when appropriate to do so, so that the developer and customer can share ideas and thoughts in moving the development forward to a point where the site can be used and add value to the customer or business.
This approach also allows small bite-sized chunks to be viewed at an early stage, rather than waiting to see the final product which may or may not be desireable. The small deliverables can be used, evaluated and fine-tuned in parallel to other development taking place.