Stone Walls

Stone Walls provides an outlet for customers to buy and sell estate, e.g. land and property. Stone Walls provides a simple way to pay for our services and easily extend your advertising window as and when required.
Warning, Stone Walls is only responsible for the services provided for advertising of your estate, and not the legal requirements which are the responsibility of the customer.
If you are breaching any contractual obligation by advertising with Stone Walls, then please be advised to honour any contracts you have entered into before advertising with Stone Walls.
Stone Walls is a estate agency service that allows customers to advertise and sell their estate or purchase estate from sellers. The customer will need to take all the precautions necessary when purchasing any estate through the proper channels, e.g. hiring a solicitor to deal with legal issues, and a surveyor to inspect and provide a report on your estate before you purchase.
Use Stone Walls to compliment other services to help promote your sale or find your dream land or home.

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